Vaibhav Suradkar a small town boy popularily known as DJ Vaibhav In The Mix started his career as DJ from 2010. He initially started practicing on a software named Atomix,Traktor,Zulu djing softwares.He used to listen music on Radio channels to know varieties of music and rhythm. Later on he started playing music on small events, private parties,college events etc. He owned his skills under the guidance of Sound Engineer Sagar Mhatre. DJ Vaibhav wanted to share his kind of music to the world so he became a music producer as well. In his childhood he used to listen bollywood music alot….so he has been key figured Bollywood Dance Music, Commercial and Club Culture, No matter what you love, DJ Vaibhav will give you something you will LOVE. His vast music knowledge, crowd-pleasing song selection and creativity keeps his schedule filled with Gigs. He won more than 15 DJ wars. With thousands of gigs under his belt,DJ Vaibhav is the clear choice. For DJ Vaibhav it’s all about mood, hypnotic groove…playing his own tracks get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, and style. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself DANCING.9 years in a row he is now a DJ, MUSIC PRODUCER and has his own DJ ACADEMY namely IN THE MIX DJ ACADEMY.

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